PT. Cahya Aroma Inti (CAI) has its humble beginning since 1993 as Lampura Raya coffee roastery which served Roasted & Ground coffee for traditional private label in Jakarta and Tangerang area. As market developed, we established CAI and invested in 3 hot air roasting machines (convection) and drum (conduction) which shortened roasting duration and maintain consistency of roasting profile with total production capacity of 15 tons/day and operated according each business segments.


CAI believe in 3 main success factors:
– Precision to Details
We Always work closely with our suppliers to ensure procurement of the right coffee beans. We measure moisture beans content and store it at our warehouse for optimum period of time. Thus, we believe to optimize the coffee in terms of developing fragrance, aroma, and taste in roasting process. Our experienced roaster also define the right parameter in temperature, duration, and coffee color scheme to ensure the roasted coffee benas fits with customer needs.

– Customer Satisfaction
Customers have always been the first priority. We realize every needs of customers are unique. Thus, we always work together with our customers to develop the right productto develop aroma, taste, and right blend, we always discuss with our customers and adjust with current market condition. We believe with deep understanding about coffee business, we are able to create a sustainable customer satisfaction.

– Wide Variety of Products

We strive to expand our network with suppliers to enrich our coffee variety and our equipments to reach all segments in coffee business.


Our goal is to be a business partner for any parties who are interested in doing coffee business and provide good coffee for those who love coffee. Our businesses currently are:

Industrial B2B Coffee

We are able to provide coffee suitable for industrial needs with large capacity, economic of scale, with consistent quality.
We have been supplying to few coffee extractors.

Private Label

To provide coffee suitable to your market condition, profile, and furthermore your own brand.

Horeca Coffee

With our passion towards coffee, we have created 2 houseblends for espresso applicable to your Horeca business. We can support to give consultation and creating the custom blend according to your horeca profile and identity.


2 signature houseblend and single origins of CAI (Proko Coffee) to be marketed through online store per October 2015.


We can roast your greenbeans in many capacities available prior to our machines. With experienced roaster and reliable technology, we are confident to get the profile you want to acquire.